Henry knew by her smile that the lovely woman in line for the Ferris wheel was his destiny. He would have jumped into the car with her, but for his cautious nature.

She too was cautious, but her friend, Alice, nudged her arm in encouragement. “I’m Lily,” she said.

“I wonder if you would accompany me to dinner tonight?” he asked late in the day. “Both of you, of course,” he added.

Lily turned to him, staring deep into his blue eyes. He had been patient all day, but she was tired. “I’m sorry, Dr. Holmes. I must take a rain check.”

Henry’s smile was sincere and kind. “I wish you would reconsider,” he said. “I’d so like to know you better.”

Lily wondered. Maybe she could find the energy…


“Yes, that’s him,” Alice said, staring at the picture of Dr. H. H. Holmes, Henry, The Castle Murderer. “You were right, Lily. There was something off about him.”