My Interview with Michael Brooks from The Price of a Pearl

I had an opportunity to do a character interview for the site After much procrastination, I decided to interview my favorite character Michael. It was actually a toss-up between him and Davis, but I think Michael is more aware of what is going on in the lives of my characters. There is a mention of Johanna, Davis’ sister, who is living in Virginia at the time of the interview (December 1776). Book Two focuses on Johanna and her life in what will become the United States of America, but which is right now a rag-tag group of rebellious colonies. I will be introducing new characters as well: Stephen Gleeson, an idealistic small town attorney who dreams of a life with more adventure; his sister, Nola Gleeson, whose value to the war effort is in how underestimated she is; and Julian Malcolm, the son of a Loyalist shopkeeper, in love with Nola, but determined to keep his family safe from the rebellion that destroyed their lives. Tentatively titled Among the Lilies, I explore both sides of the conflict, the ultimately victorious rebels and the Loyalists whose lost property, homes, and sometimes their lives because of their loyalty to the king.

So please check out and keep checking my site as I move closer to finishing Johanna’s story.