“You’re saying that I can see the future, just by pressing here?” Doug asked.

“It’s a bit more complicated. It has to be the correct spot.” Frank put his middle fingers on each side of Doug’s head, adjusting and murmuring, “Just so…”

“Dear God!” Doug exclaimed. “I can see…war, we’re at war, with Germany again!”

“Can you see more” Frank asked, excited his discovery worked on another.

“Yes; we’ll win this one also, but the cost will be high. Now I see…how odd; a large white figure. It’s walking…on the moon! Yes, there’s our flag. We will soon be in space!”

“This is incredible, Doug! What else can you see?” Frank was holding the position, though the excitement feverishly coursed through him.

“It’s three women. They are related somehow. They are sitting on couches, talking about…well, that’s not appropriate,” Doug finished.


“They are discussing things of an intimate nature. And how bored they are. One of them is named Kim. Oh, here come two more women…dear God, one of them has a frozen face! Sorry, that one is a man.”

“Doug, what are you seeing?”

“I think it is the utter destruction of our society. But I can’t tear my eyes from it!”